Pasta with cauliflower

28 ottobre 2012 - Fonte:

Not everyone likes cauliflowers, maybe for the intense and unpleasant smell that emanates during the boil. It, even cooked, is a source of vitamins C and B9, essential for cell regeneration.
In the gratin version, proposed here, the flavor of the cheese softens the vegetable one.Ingredients for 5:
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Pasta with lentils

8 ottobre 2012 - Fonte:
In Europe, lentil is the legume with the oldest tradition. There are numerous varieties and colors: brown, red, green, pink. Time ago, this legume was also used to make bread, and for its rich source of protein and iron, it was considered the "poor man's meat".
Ingredients for 6:

Suns stuffed with salmon

9 settembre 2012 - Fonte:

September is the month when the weather starts to rush, the rains announce the end of  the summer, the leaves hint to fade. We perceive a collective nostalgia, the same that inspired many poems, songs and movies.September, as january,......

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Stuffed pasta shells

28 luglio 2012 - Fonte:

This is an unusual form of Gragnano's pasta: the caccavelle. Stuffed with ricotta and spinach, they are perfect to realize a generous dish for Sunday lunch or a gourmet dinner. If you could not find this kind of pasta, made ​​from......

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Lemon ice cream (Naples, 1839)

15 luglio 2012 - Fonte:
With this african temperatures, we need something fresh... but not an ordinary water and lemon icicle! This lemon ice cream is skilfully done. Do you have spare time and enough space in your freezer?Ingredients for 10 ice creams:

Sicilian Cannoli

7 luglio 2012 - Fonte:
There is some ricotta, sugar and even candied fruit ... now it is time to use metal cylinders I purchased to make traditional Sicilian cannoli. Will they bear comparison with those of sicilian pastry shops?

Ingredients for the pastry:

Stuffed Green peppers

24 giugno 2012 - Fonte:
Green peppers are opened to different gastronomic interpretations, but I prefer this version in which they are filled with beef, passed in a batter and fried.

Ingredients for 20 peppers:

Genoese pesto

24 giugno 2012 - Fonte:
Pesto is a sauce for pasta made ​​with basil. To prepare it you will need a mortar or a mixer, and just 10 minutes of your time.

The sauce for 400g of pasta:

Home-made egg pasta: Fettuccine

17 giugno 2012 - Fonte:
Making pasta at home is not only easy, but it gives a certain satisfaction (to you and and whoever comes to  your table). Try it!

Ingredients for about 400g pasta:

Coffee muffins

17 giugno 2012 - Fonte:
This is not a recipe from the italian tradition, but, sometimes, you have to expand your horizon. It's a recipe worth trying!

Ingredients for 12 muffins: